“We have had other gardeners in the past but none compare to him.”

Steve has been our gardener for over 7 years. We have had other gardeners in the past but none compare to him. His work ethic and attention to detail are second to none. He is reliable, courteous and friendly; not hesitating to go the extra mile to ensure his customers’ satisfaction. I could not be happier with his services.

— Sandra, Woodbridge

"They are our ‘go to...’"

High Caliber was professional, friendly, efficient, and most importantly, have consistently given us nothing but amazing work. They are our ‘go to’ for taking care of all our property related needs.

— James, Toronto

"I would highly recommend High Caliber Landscaping to anyone looking to make a landscape change."

I could not be more pleased with my experience with High Caliber Landscaping.  Steve and his crew went above and beyond our expectations at maintaining our commercial condominium property.  From weekly maintenance such as grass cutting and litter removal to annual flower planting, and seasonal irrigation maintenance and upkeep, they always did a superb job at keeping the property looking and functioning at its best.  Steve always returned phone calls or emails in a timely manner and was nothing less than professional and pleasant to deal with.  When concerns or issues were brought to his attention, they were rectified immediately.  Steve would always take it one step further and explain how the issue was remedied and would ensure we were happy and satisfied with the outcome.
From start to finish of creating our flower colour scheme and design for the year, Steve and his crew made us feel part of their family – discussing plans/questions together and making decisions as a team.  It was because of the crew’s positivity and energetic personalities that our projects turned out better than we had envisioned.

- Brittany, Vaughan

"A pleasure to work with, would definitely recommend!"

I called High Caliber to replace a leaking skylight in my stairwell. They were incredibly professional and knowledgeable and kept the area neat and tidy while they worked. The new skylight looks great and we haven’t had any issues since. A pleasure to work with, would definitely recommend!

- Katarina, Vaughan

"One of the fairest contractors I know."

Whether it was just cutting grass both at the office or my home you made any landscape project look like a picture from a magazine, or whether it was building the new shed in my backyard, you took the time, care and effort ensuring that the project was done to spec and to my satisfaction, and when I was in trouble and needed professional assistance with all my home renovation requirements, you were there to provide me with reliable labor and trustworthy contractors needed to complete my projects without delay, or whether it is something as simple as clearing snow, I have to honestly say that you were always there.
I have to tip my hat off to you Steven, not only have you become a really good friend to me and my family but you have managed to take the work you do to another level. You are a very professional individual, extremely reliable, well knowledged in your work, one of the fairest contractors I know, highly devoted, and dedicated to providing any customer with top quality workmanship and long lasting projects that produce amazing results. Above all this, you capture my respect because you are a very honourable businessman and a dependable contractor. I am not only pleased to know that High Caliber is always there for me for any of my requirements big or small, but feel relieved in knowing that you back up everything you say and do with your solid work ethic and incredible honesty.

- Joe, Marel Contractors